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Department of Extension Education

The Department of Extension Education at BHU is committed to preparing students for success in professions that include formal and non-formal teaching and learning in agriculture, leading agricultural organizations and communities, and communicating agriculture to the society. The graduates of our Department also meet industry expectations for organization, management, leading, reporting and evaluation. In addition, we enable undergraduates to enter and excel in graduate and professional programs coupled with teaching, research and extension. The Graduate degrees in the department are grounded in a personal relationship between students and advisors.

The Department of Extension education started functioning as a section in 1975 with S,N Sharma & Dr K.N.Pandey from Department of Agronomy. The full-fledged Department was created & started function in the year 1981 by Dr.K.N.Pandey,Dr Vijay Singh from Department of Agronomy with able leadership of Dr B.D.Pandey as the founder Head. During the period of 39 years existence the Department has produced precious scientists, administrators, NGO experts, teachers and policy makers. The scientific and academic contributions of the department has a deep impact among the extension fraternity, Agriculture and the Indian society in general. The Department of Extension, BHU is proud and rich by the tireless service of Prof.V.K.Dubey, Prof,Dipak De and Prof.D.K.Sujan. The department has witnessed the visit of many legendary persons of Extension. Few notables names include Dr. J. B. Chitambar, Dr.K.N.Singh, Prof.Y.P.Singh, Prof.P.N.Jha, Dr,G.Trivedi, Dr C. Prasad Dr.S.N.Singh, Dr. B.S.Hansra, Prof.Daulat Singh, Prof.D.Dasgupta, , Dr V.V Sadamate, & Prof.C.Satapathy Dr B.K.Chaubey,Dr S.L.Tripathi, and Dr R.K Samanta.

The Department received two Jawaharlal Nehru Award, Two O. P. DHAMA award and one Raman Fellowship for the contributions for scientific Excellence. There are several projects from ICAR, DBT, DST,and UGC, fellowships, relevant publication in the account of our students and staff. The emerging trends of research in our department are inclined towards e-learning,ICT in extension ,Social and Extension Research, ,ITK,TOT, FPOs, NGOs, Communication ,Innovations, Participatory research ,environment and climate change and Agricultural Education

Completing a graduate degree in Extension Education at BHU is an advantage in the job market as a well-a prestigious achievement. We expect our valuable well wishers to continue explore our department on the web, by talking to people, and most importantly through personal contact with us.

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